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Seller Representation: Maximum Exposure = Maximum Price

We believe that marketing to both principals and brokers will result in the best price for YOU.

After spending many years in High-Tech Marketing performing functions both tactical and strategic in nature, our approach to selling properties is decidedly marketing oriented.
To a potential buyer, a building is nothing more than a commodity, with numerous, similar investment properties vying for his/her attention. To an owner, however, his/her property is anything but a commodity. It represents countless hours of work, large amounts of capital to acquire, maintain and upgrade the building, and for many, a sense of pride in ownership.

When representing an owner, our task is to portray their property in the best light possible, in an honest, non-deceptive manner. Reviewing the financials, walking the property, and understanding the neighborhood, allows us to create a marketing package that puts the spotlight on the property in a positive way and to find the features that make the property unique, without resorting to misleading advertising tactics. In this manner, buyers can receive accurate and truthful information, resulting in fewer deals falling apart while in escrow, and better yet, minimizing lawsuits.

Marketing to Principals Involves:

  • Phone calls to hundreds of potential Investors.
  • High-quality postcards mailed to more than 5,500 potential investors.
  • Internet advertising: Numerous commercial websites including, Loopnet, CoStar, Property Line among others, and for small properties, advertising on Craigslist, which has become the de facto site for classified ads.
  • Listing on the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • A dedicated property website containing copious amounts of information and photographs.
  • Email blasts to potential investors
  • Advertising in our newsletter with a circulation to more than 5,000 investors.
  • Letters and flyers mailed to potential investors
  • Fast and comprehensive response to all inquiries whether via phone, the web, or email.

Marketing to Brokers Involves:

  • Full cooperation with all our advertised listings (the fee is split 50%/50%, and not all brokers are willing to cooperate or share with a broker representing a buyer).
  • Email blasts to agents and brokers.
  • Quick response for the fulfilment of information (offering memorandums) and to questions.
  • Response to phone calls (not all brokers return calls)
  • Listing on local MLS and on the Internet

For a thorough, detailed explanation of our Sales and Marketing Strategy, Our Marketing Strategy.

Closing Escrow

Finding a “willing, able, and qualified buyer” is only half the battle. The second half of the selling process involves keeping the property in contract. When problems arise on either the buy or sell side, We work to keep the deal together in a manner that satisfies all parties.
How has this worked out? Read our Client Testimonials.

Buyer Representation

In representing buyers, we look not just at the listings posted online, but at the many pocket listings that are sent to us on a daily basis by commercial brokers. Having been in the business for 14 years, we’ve established a network of brokers that sell either multifamily or triple-net, leased investment properties, and are willing and eager to work with us to sell their listings to our pool of potential buyers. And while you might think that brokers will work with any other broker, this is not always the case with commercial brokers. Having a strong reputation can go a long way in this business.