Brokerage Strategy

Sales and Marketing Strategies

The strategy and tactics

The strategy and tactics we employ to sell your apartment building incorporate state-of-the-art technologies and traditional sales methodologies.

Our Marketing Strategy was developed over many years in the business, consisting of both our own insight and experience and emulating the programs of not just one, but many successful brokerages. While we market in a variety of ways to a variety of target markets, our objective is singular: Sell your property for the highest price possible.


We start by assessing your property and determining the most appropriate type of investor. We then market directly to those principals.


Probable Investors – those people actively looking to buy a property of a specific size within a determined dollar range. Because of our CALI-Marketing program (Contact All Local Investors) we often have conversations with active investors and keep notes on their interests and activities.
Possible Investors – those people interested in keeping abreast of market activity and considering a purchase at present or in the future.
Passive Investors – those people interested in keeping informed about the market, but not actively looking for a property. They would, however, purchase if they really liked the property for a specific investment reason.
Next, and often simultaneously, we contact real estate agents and brokers and inform them of the property.

Real Estate Agents and Brokers

We actively cooperate with any real estate licensee. While many firms pay lip service to this concept, saying they “cooperate” but then ignore phone calls and emails, we respond in the same timely manner to a real estate licensee as we do to a principal. The reason is simple: Agents bring investors; The more investors, the more interest; The more interest the more offers; The more offers the higher the price.

Commercial Agents – Your listing is sent to a database consisting of thousands of active commercial and investment-oriented agents and brokers representing untold thousands of investors. Despite what they may say, no one real estate company has a “lock” on the investment community, so we market to all real estate companies. As a CCIM, we are a member of CCIMNET, one of the largest commercial brokerage networks in the world.

Residential Agents – For smaller properties of 20 or less units, we also target and actively work with Residential Realtors. While many commercial organizations ignore residential Realtors, we actively embrace and work with them. We have found them to be a great source of Possible and Passive Investors.

Geographical Marketing

We market your property at three levels, accentuating a particular level for properties of specific sizes.

Locally – We define “Local Marketing” as that within the county for which your property is located. Small, midsize, and large properties are marketed to all investors and brokers active at this level.

Regionally – Defined as the surrounding counties, and specifically, to the San Francisco Bay Area. Mid-size and large properties are marketed to investors and brokers throughout the region, as these investors typically own mid to larger investment properties within a specific region.

Nationally – Typically properties of 75 or more units are marketed to the investment community at the National level. In this manner, we can capture not only those that wish to increase their investment within the region but also those on a National (and International) level who wish to acquire an investment property within the region. The Silicon Valley is a very desirable region to own investment property due to the strength of our economy, a highly skilled workforce, and a highly educated, high-income population.

Perfect Pricing and Positioning

Pricing a property for sale is one of the most crucial aspects of going to market: Too low and you leave money on the table; Too high and the market leaves you. In recommending a price range, we consider the following items:

  • Current market rents and recent sales of comparable properties.
  • Number of similar properties currently available
  • Current market conditions: Is the market trending upward or downward?
  • The financial performance of your property
  • Pro Forma (market) income and expenses for your property
  • The comments and preferences of investors based on our brokerage activity
  • Available financing, including rates and programs for your property
  • Your needs

Proper pricing

Proper pricing is both a science and an art. We use sophisticated spreadsheets and programs to tell us what the market says the price should be, and our own common sense when recommending a price range to you.
Marketing Methodologies and Technologies
Our Strategy includes Traditional Methodologies and State of the Art Technologies.


  • Phone calls to principals
  • Postcards, newsletters, and flyers mailed to principal investors
  • Printed Property Brochures and flyers
  • Mailing of marketing literature to investors
  • Presentations to principals and brokers
  • Personal Property Tours
  • Advertising in print publications when effective

State of the Art Technologies

  • Comprehensive and Coordinated Internet Marketing
  • Property Specific Website
  • Listing on numerous commercial and investment‑oriented websites
  • Loopnet
  • CoStar
  • Property Line
  • Catylist
  • Property data
  • And others
  • Email marketing to investors and brokers
  • Marketing Collateral Creation and Program Coordination
  • Creation of Marketing Documentation
  • We utilize the most sophisticated service available to the brokerage community for the creation of marketing documentation.
  • Listing on
  • Local Multiple Listing Service that lists the property on the local MLS, yet allows brokers of cooperating MLS’s to search and access properties.
  • As an active Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), our founder is a member of the largest network of commercial investment brokers in the United States. We utilize the extensive promotional services of literally thousands of commercial investment brokers who are members of this organization in the marketing of your property.
  • Database Marketing
  • We utilize a state-of-the-art, highly specialized real estate specific database.
  • We meticulously maintain this database consisting of thousands of investors of multifamily properties; Adding, changing, and deleting as necessary.
  • We record the sales activity of local properties and investors.
  • Specialized Research Services

specialize in property brokerage

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t claim to be all things to all investors. We specialize in property brokerage. Therefore, we contract with well-established research companies to provide us with ongoing and timely market information.

CoStar Group – For accurate and comprehensive sales comps.

RealFacts – For accurate rental and updated owner and management information of mid to large-size properties.

Chandon Economics – For comprehensive, timely, and insightful economic and multifamily trend information.

Our Philosophy

More importantly than anything else, we understand Sales and Marketing. In addition to 10 years as a commercial broker, our founder spent more than 15 years creating marketing programs and running marketing departments for high-tech corporations such as Flextronics International, Sensormatic Electronics, Fujistu Software, and Frost & Sullivan. Our approach to real estate is decidedly marketing-oriented, with a hefty dose of good, old-fashioned salesmanship. Our sales strategies include phone calls, presentations, and relationship building with multifamily investors. We follow the age-old strategy known as “STP”: See The People; See The Property.